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Phil Spencer: Sony is Blocking Minecraft Cross Platform Play

This week, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer complained openly that Sony will not allow Minecraft cross-platform play to include the PlayStation 4. […]

Minecraft’s Better Together Update is Here, Bringing Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft announced today that the Better Together update for Minecraft is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS, and […]

Minecraft Comes to the Nintendo 3DS

14 Sep 17 | Minecraft, Nintendo, Windows, Xbox

Microsoft has released Minecraft on a popular Nintendo mobile gaming device. No, not the Switch*. The 3DS. The announcement was […]

You Can Now Test Cross-Platform Minecraft on Windows 10 and Android

At E3 in early June, Microsoft announced that it would enable cross-platform game play in Minecraft. Today, that ability is […]

Microsoft Just Made All Your Minecraft Dreams Come True

While the Xbox One X reveal understandably dominated the headlines from Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the software giant made another […]

Minecraft is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for the ultimate mobile Minecraft experience, look no further than the Nintendo Switch: Microsoft has announced that […]

Microsoft is Set to Open the Minecraft Marketplace

This Spring, Microsoft will open its Minecraft Marketplace, an online store that will supply third-party maps, avatar skins, texture packs […]