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Apple takes a big step toward improving Siri

04 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

One area where Apple really needs some help is with Siri. The digital assistant pales next to Google Assistant often […]

Microsoft publishes images showing single and dual-screen layouts for the Surface Duo

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

The Surface Duo features a pair of 5.6-inch displays, each with a resolution of 1350 x 1800. When the two […]

Samsung's Galaxy S10+ is on sale at a huge discount in a digital hoarder-friendly variant

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

You’re probably well aware by now that Samsung’s newest family of ultra-high-end smartphones is not exactly selling like hotcakes, a […]

Why are phones getting so expensive? Not greed, just 5G… and crazy periscopes

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

We don’t need any statistical analyses to tell us that average phone prices are rising again this year, as the […]

A high-end Nokia 9.3 PureView with Snapdragon 865 power is probably coming… someday

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

Original Nokia 9 PureView Even though we’ve lost count of all the Android-running Nokia smartphones released in the three years […]

One state agency is still trying to delay T-Mobile and Sprint from merging

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

Can you believe it’s been almost two whole years since T-Mobile and Sprint announced their firm intention to join forces […]

Google is trying to keep our spirit up with a cute new Doodle

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

The COVID-19 virus is continuing to spread with more than a million confirmed cases worldwide. While there’s no need to […]

Apple News showing Feed Unavailable error to some users

03 Apr 20 | Mobile, News

Users are reporting an issue with Apple News services showing a “Feed unavailable” message when they try to open the […]