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Report: Google to be Charged with Third Antitrust Violation in EU

Google’s antitrust woes in the European Union keep racking up: The firm will now face a third charge there, related […]

China Rising (Premium)

Premium Membership Includes: Full Access to content on Thurrott readers will have access to deeper, richer articles written by […]

Google Fi is Adding Support for RCS and Faster International Data Access

Google announced today that its Google Fi wireless service is adding support for Rich Communications Services (RCS) and faster international […]

Fake News: Samsung’s Uninstallable Facebook App

No, Samsung is not preinstalling an uninstallable Facebook app on some of its phones. Well, not really. Instead, it’s preinstalling a […]

Apple’s Embrace of Smart TVs is Smart, Necessary, and Late (Premium)

Earlier this week, we learned that Apple’s iTunes and AirPlay services are coming to Samsung smart TVs. But it’s not […]

Google Assistant Just Kicked Alexa’s Ass. And it Doesn’t Matter (Premium)

There are over 100 million Amazon Alexa-powered devices out in the world. But there are ten times as many Google […]

These are the Mobile Apps I Rely On (Premium)

As with my PCs, I install the same basic set of mobile apps on each phone and tablet that I […]

HQ Launches New Words Game

24 Dec 18 | HQ, HQ Trivia, HQ Words, Mobile, Windows

HQ, one of the big new apps that came out in the last year, has launched a new game. The […]